Humanimal Doodles

In summer 2010 I began creating Humanimal Doodles, a series of doodles about the human-animal relationship.

(Click on images for larger view and high-resolution download.)

This is the most recent Humanimal release:

Lobster Doodle

Lobster Doodle   Sea Turtle Doodle   Bomber Doodle   Coral Doodle   Beluga Mini Doodle  
Jaws Doodle   Sugar Squirrel doodle   Baboon doodle   Anternet Doodle   Dog Domestication doodle  
Boogie doodle   Peregrine Falcon doodle   Hippo doodle   Nori doodle   Water Strider doodle  
Coyote doodle   Micro Air Vehicle doodle   Pigeon doodle   Hermit Crab doodle   Horseshoe Crab doodle  
Sharkskin doodle   Titanic doodle   Right Whale doodle   Honey doodle   Seahorse doodle  
Beluga doodle – Pages 1 – 2   Beluga doodle – Pages 3 – 4   Beluga doodle – Pages 5 – 6   Skunk doodle   Alvinella doodle  
Hagfish doodle   Lab Mouse doodle   Baby Beluga doodle   Vespa doodle   Squirrel doodle  
Vulture doodle   Bowhead Doodle – Pages 1 – 2   Bowhead Doodle – Pages 3 – 4   Bowhead Doodle – Pages 5 – 6   Bowhead Doodle – Page 7  
Woolly Doodle   Dog Doodle   Deepwater Doodle   Walrus Doodle   Chicken Doodle  
INK doodle Doodle  

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