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Across the Wide Ocean: 

The Why, How, and Where of Navigation for Humans and Animals at Sea  


A turtle, a shark, a whale, a submarine, a container ship, and a sailboat named Rosita.

Where are they going?

They're headed across—over, through, and under—the wide ocean.

And you're going with them.

All life began in the oceans, and so much life still remains there, leading an existence mysterious to most of us. In the world's last uncharted frontier, most things are on the move—often a long move. Using maps and charts, oceanography and navigational tools, intrepid explorers and researchers have followed the ocean's pathways and created some of their own. Now it's your turn.

You are holding in your hands the key to a journey—your journey. One teeming with science and adventure, facts and fun, danger and intrigue. A journey that includes diving deep in a submarine, docking a container ship, migrating with right whales, and hunting with sharks. From the ocean floor to the North Pole, the whole ocean awaits you.

Are you ready to dive in?

"Young fans of all things nautical will happily immerse themselves in this seagoing omnium gatherum." -- Kirkus Reviews 



Ages 8 to 12 


  • ISBN-10: 0060090871

  • ISBN-13: 978-0060090876
























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