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Hello!  I'm Karen, a writer, artist, deep-sea diver, and polar explorer, crazy about books, science, kids, and raccoons.  On any day you can find me at the beach, at the art museum, or drawing, doodling, writing, or doing other kinds of experiments in my back yard or barn.  

I publish a weekly science comic called #AntarcticLog.

I've written close to 30 books for and about children and young adults. You can see the most recent books here

 • Besides books, I work doing communications from the field with ocean scientists. I've worked as an outreach and education consultant, journalist, and resident artist.  


I send broadcasts, video, photographs, comics, and stories from aboard ships and from science labs. I'm for hire to handle public outreach, education, and to tell science stories in words and/or pictures.   Finding ways to combine science and art is a big deal for me! If you have ideas about ways we could work together on this, I'd love to hear from you.  

•  I grew up in Germany (left), New York, and Connecticut, where I live now, in a small house in the big woods. Last fall, a black bear passed through our yard one quiet morning.

 • I have children, grandchildren, dogs, cats, and a husband who's a great storyteller and tells a lot of corny jokes.

• I visit schools, libraries, conferences, and other places near and far to share my stories. Please ask me to come! 

•Illustrator and comic artist -- for hire


                                           What did the ocean say to the shore?


                                           (Nothing. It just waved.) 


NPR interview!
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