What's a Humanimal Doodle? 

It's a science comic! 

Humanimal Doodles cover science research, news, and concepts. They appear on the web, in posters, in magazines, in books... and even on the radio! Hire me to doodle YOUR science!  

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Jaws Doodle pages 1-2
Sharkskin Doodle pages 1-2
Mystery Mud
poster for Ocean Leadership about the work of Texas A & M scientist Debbie Thomas aboard the JOIDES Resolution
Meet Hercules
Doodle done aboard E/V Nautilus as artist-at-sea.
Hagfish Doodle
Odyssey magazine
Cheese Gets Dressed
Science Friday
Dog Doodle
Odyssey magazine
Coyote Doodle
Odyssey magazine
Take a Bow!
Mural done aboard E/V Nautilus as artist-at-sea.
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