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Hundred Percent 


The last year of elementary school is big for every kid. In this novel, equal parts funny and crushing, utterly honest and perfect for boys and girls alike, Christine Gouda faces change at every turn, starting with her own nickname— Tink—which just doesn’t fit anymore. Readers will relate to this strong female protagonist whose voice rings with pro- found authenticity and absolute novelty, and her year’s cring- ingly painful trials in normalcy—uncomfortable Halloween costumes, premature sleepover parties, crushed crushes, and changing friendships.


Throughout all this, Tink learns that what you call yourself, and how you do it, has a lot to do with who you are. 


A heartbreakingly honest account of what it means to be between girl and woman, elementary and middle school, inside and out—and to find just a way to name that in-between self. 


"Christine "Tink" Gouda is a sixth-grade everyman (or rather, everygirl)

in this book about the classic connundrums of starting middle school and questioning everything about your identity --  right down to your nickname."  

Time magazine 

“A spot-on depiction of that middle school knife-edge where things can go from thrilling to mortifying in a nanosecond.”

—School Library Connection

“Hundred Percent is a brilliant and irresistible book about the sharp pains and joys of real life.”

—Rebecca Stead, Newbery Award–winning author of When You

Reach Me


“Karen Romano Young must be twelve. There’s no other way she can possibly know what she knows about sixth grade in all its weirdness and glory.”

—Annie Barrows, New York Times bestselling author of the Ivy & Bean series


“Your heart will crack open as the cast of characters tries on one personality after the other, hoping to find the one that fits.”

—Ellen Wittlinger, Printz Honor–winning author of Hard Love 

"Hundred Percent is a beautifully sympathetic story about the first horrible discovery of coolness." 

—Parents' Choice Silver Honor review

"Brilliantly captures the hemmed-in feeling of early adolescence. ...Readers will see themselves in Tink and find a measure of hope. They will want to know what happens next."

—The New York Times 


"[T]he story of two "boy-crazy" best friends trying to navigate who they are, what they wear, who they like, who likes them, and who is ready for what, be it first bra or kiss."

—Shelf Awareness, starred review

"Young's characters jump off the page in a thoughtful and realistic look at what it means to be on the precipice of adolescence." 

—Publishers Weekly 

“A lovely, lovely tale full of warmth, humor, and intelligence.”

—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"As Tink figures out where she fits in, she might just encourage other preteens, even awkward ones, to do the same." 

—Horn Book 

“Perfectly captures the emotions of middle schoolers and their evolving friendships and familial relationships.”

—School Library Journal, starred review

a Publishers Weekly Pick of the Week 

an Amazon Best Book of the Month 

ages 10 and up 


  • ISBN-10: 1452138907

  • ISBN-13: 978-1452138909



Amazon Best Book of  2016


Kirkus Best Book of 2016 

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