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In the lab or in the field, I can help you bring the great news of your research to the public, the press,  the science community, and to education partners at schools. A writer with more than 30 books and a dozen science expeditions under my belt, I'm ready to ship out or trek off with you, or to meet you in your lab to talk about making a broader impact through outreach and education . . . even with comics! 

For more than 20 years I've worked with scientists to tell the stories of their work to children and the general public, working through my books, magazine articles, and science comics to convey the adventures we share.  

And if you're a scientist interested in working with me, please email me at


The Alvin Science Verification Expedition tested the submersible's ability to help scientists do research, in the Puerto Rican Trench and Cayman Trough. See I Was A Kid trading cards here

Little JR.jpg

I did #AntarcticLog science comics aboard the JOIDES Resolution's Expedition 379 in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica. Click the JR ship at left. 

In 2018 I sailed off to Palmer Station, Antarctica. For more, visit my Antarctic Log, a weekly science comic.

See my award-winning book Antarctica: The Melting

Continent here.  

Aboard E/V Nautilus we bring deep-sea

discovery into classrooms and living rooms worldwide. Click the compass. 

For more on being a Nautilus artist-at-sea, click here

NASA's ICESCAPE mission took scientists -- and me! -- to the Arctic to assess the impacts of climate change on the environment there.

Click the polar bear. 

I took part in the Extreme Project, diving 

in DSV Alvin to hydrothermal vents.

Click on Alvin. 

My Neutrally Buoyant  t-shirts are printed with my illustrations of submersibles Alvin and Hercules.

Click the t-shirt. 


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