Alvin Science Verification Expedition

  R/V Atlantis and DSV Alvin, October 7-29, more to come. 

  Creating science stories from the field. 


Association of Polar Early Career Scientists, International Polar Week 

   Science Comics for Climate Change, September 20, 10 am EDT, more here


Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) MFA residency: 

    Moderator: Author/illustrator talk with Adria Karlsson and Linus Curci about their new book

    My Sister, Daisy, August 3 

Connecticut Writing ProjectFairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut 

   Visual storytelling for science, July 22 


National Marine Educators Association 

   Telling Science Stories Through Comics, July 16   

NOAA Chesapeake Bay Virtual Exhibit

   #AntarcticLog science comics, June 28-July 1

Wild Wonder Nature Journaling

   Science comic workshop, June 24

Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) MFA residency

     Dealing with Demons workshop, January 2 

Adequate Earth, Antarctic Artists and Writers Collective virtual exhibit, January  28 - May    22  Opening Event, January 28, 6 pm 

#AntarcticLog Science Comic Contest winners announced, February 1

World Read Aloud Day, February 3

Women Mind the Water podcast, February 8

Adequate Earth event: Tales and Pictures from Antarctica: Diving Under the Ice and Climbing Glaciers for Science Communication, SUNY Cobleskill/Antarctic Artists and Writers Collective, March 18, 12 noon 

Penguins International,​ April 21, 2021 (Earth Day! Penguin Awareness Day!) 

Facebook Live presentation and conversation

6 pm EDT

NerdCampCT June 12 


Connecticut Authors panel with Melissa Thom, moderator 


John Muir Laws Wild Wonder Natural Journaling Conference, June 24,

TITLE: Telling Your Science Stories Visually 

DESCRIPTION: What good are comics? Turns out they're really excellent for learning (input) AND communicating (OUTPUT). In this workshop, you'll find out why.  We'll examine science comics to demystify how they're made and experiment with stick figures, lettering, and formats. Suitable (and proven) for any age and ability. 

8:30 - 10 PDT

NOAA Mid-Atlantic Climate Change Conference Virtual Gallery Walk, June 30

11:45- 12:25

#AntarcticLog Comics on Parade 

National Marine Educators Association, July 16 


Telling Science Stories Through Comics 

Western Connecticut State University MFA Virtual Residency August 3 


Author/illustrator talk with Adria Karlsson, author, and Linus Curci, illustrator

"My Sister Daisy" Capstone 

American Geophysical Union annual conference, December :

SY023 Meet your JEDI Goals Through I Was a Kid: Opening Pathways for Young People to Science Work Through Visual Storytelling (Comics) about Careerists Representing Diversity, date/time tb  


Paperback edition of A Girl, a Raccoon, and the Midnight Moon (Chronicle) 

Antarctica: The World's Melting Continent (What on Earth) 



Galápagos: The World's Living Laboratory (What on Earth) 




Diving for Deep-Sea Dragons  (Chronicle)