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#AntarcticLog Comics 

...Appears weekly on the American Geophysical Union website. 

... Began in June 2017 when I received an Antarctic Artists and Writers Grant from the National Science Foundation to go to Palmer Station with a team of scientists from the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. 

... Continued at Palmer Station March - May 2018. 

... Carries on telling stories of climate change and science research. 

... Featured coral restoration projects in the Florida Keys during my Waypoint Fellowship in Key Largo. 

... Covered International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 379 January - March 2019 where I was artist-at-sea -- in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica!

... Sponsored two science comic contests for students grades 5 to 12 in partnership with Muse magazine, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, ScienceFriday Education, and the International Ocean Discovery Program.

...Was presented at the American Geophysical Union annual conference in 2017-2019. 

...Went on display at the Geological Society of America annual meeting, 2019. 

... Can help you reach new audiences and provide you with outreach tools. 

... Is dedicated to telling stories of climate change and science research, and public policy. 

All #AntarcticLog strips are licensed under a Creative Commons Licence CC BY-NC-ND They are free for educational and personal use, but not for commercial use. The material must be not be used for derivative works without permission, and should always cite the source, Karen Romano Young/ 

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