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Comics and illustration


I Was A Kid trading cards


I Was A Kid trading cards can be created individually or as part of a capsule for an institution or expedition. Cost is $500 each. 

I Was A Kid profiles are created subject to my availability and their appropriateness to the I Was A Kid project. Costs to be discussed individually. Contact me at to talk about I Was A Kid. 









Use of comics: 

All #AntarcticLog strips and I Was A Kid trading cards and comics  are licensed under a Creative Commons Licence CC BY-NC-ND They are free for educational and personal use, but not for commercial use. The material must be not be used for derivative works without permission, and should always cite the source, Karen Romano Young/ 

No charge for: 

  • Posting on social media

  •  Including in powerpoint presentations

  • Using as illustration for papers or other outreach

  • Featuring on scientist’s personal website.


Printouts of comics:                                         

No charge for: 

•  Requesting a jpeg file so that you can print out a comic for personal use, i.e. to post on your office wall. 

Giclée print

  • (archival inks and watercolor paper, suitable for framing) 

  • $60 8” x 8” 

   • $80 12” x 12” 


Poster print  (glossy paper) 

   • $25 12” x 12” tk

   • $35  24” x 24” tk 


Sintra print (indestructible 1/8” material looks like foam core but will not ding, fade, or tear) 

   • $60  12” x 12” 

   • $80 18” x 18” 


 Prices include shipping within the U.S. 



#AntarcticLog comics: 

For a one-comic story, often I will respond to a good idea by making a comic on my own, and I welcome suggestions.  

No charge: ideas that come to me from others that I decide to make into one 6 x 6” comic. 


$500: Small comic. 6 x 6” comic. Note that under my creative commons agreement we both have the right to use this.  Note that this is a smaller comic that is created at 6 x6” and may be blown up to any size up to 12” x 12”. 



$1000: Medium comic. 12 x 12” comic. This is a more detailed comic with space for four or five small pieces of information. 


$1500 Giant comic: 24 x 24” comic. May include medium comic with margin notes or sidebars, or can be a new story encompassing a larger physical area or group of people. 






















$2000/week: Embedded comic artist*, accompanying you into the field or shipboard, producing two small comics or one medium comic in a week.  All travel and lodging should also be covered, preferably up front, and at federal rates for locations.  Negotiable depending on your needs, duration, location, etc. Let’s talk. This is my very favorite thing to do.  Often such work will result in a giant comic or other large illustration based on this experience. See thumbnails of Bigelow comics. 

* Note that the role of artist-in-the-field is usually accompanied by the role of outreach officer, communications fellow, or the like.  I am adept at hosting on-camera and on-mic broadcasts and video conferences, including updating information, interviewing scientists, science support personnel, ROV pilots, students, et al, and relish the opportunity to work in the field in a dual role of communicator and artist. 




Custom illustrated brochures, flyers, and other promotional pieces.  

I research, write, illustrate, and design materials to assist scientists, museums, and other science concerns with their education and outreach materials, drawing on broad education experience and deep understanding of different learning levels and styles.  



  • Logos useful for stationery, patches, badges, and stickers: $500

  • Designs for t-shirts, bags, etc. to be printed by Custom Ink (which does a beautiful job of my artwork line and colors): $1000.  I can have the printing done and ship to you, costs depend on quantity but run $25-30 a t-shirt, for example. 

  • Whatever you’d like to see! 

  • Illustrations for print or digital articles or books are negotiable on a case-by-case basis. Ask me!   


  • Science Gallery

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